miniaturehaven brings therapeutic, fun and engaging DIY creative gardening workshops to all, committed to spreading our passion for all things small, green and beautiful. The art of creating a miniature garden is all about handcrafting a scaled down version of a natural setting we see around us. Each miniature garden is a close replica of a full scale landscape, only scaled down to a pot size of your choice.
about - About Us
miniaturehaven is a brainchild of a Himachali girl, Shilpa. She was consumed by the city life like all of us until she found herself living in England, reliving her childhood spent in the lap of nature – Shimla, India. Hailing from the hills she always had an eye for green landscapes and as they say once a mountain girl, always a mountain girl! Upon her arrival back to India she introduced miniature gardening as a lifestyle hobby, creatively stimulating and extremely therapeutic. So far under miniaturehaven she has introduced the concept in cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Shimla, workshops full of delight and little green wonders that look like a small slice of heaven.