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Create a Miniature Garden with these 8 easy to find plants

“Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors” – quoted Oscar de la Renta. It is indeed a refreshing experience to both our mind and soul. Just like a painter plays with colours to form a painting, you can use your ideas to mix-match desired trees, shurbs and bedding for creating a minuscule garden.

But which plants are considered relevant for miniature gardening? Probably beginners are confused with the selection of right greens for their pint-sized blooms. We understand that selecting the right ones from such immense plant kingdom is a tough choice to make. Nonetheless, we are here to give you a helping hand.

To make the selection easier for you, we have divided 8 easy-to-find plants into three categories. Whether you’re a gardening novice or just want to create a miniature garden with the least amount of time and effort, you can use any of the plants from the following categories to make a perfectly scaled garden for your living space. Keep reading and you’ll find how simple it is!

Miniature Trees

Miniature trees are scaled down versions of normal trees that we see in our natural surroundings. When looking for trees that you can use indoors for your mini garden, look for plants that resemble full-sized trees. These plants will add height to the setting, making it look more realistic.

We at Miniature Haven recommend the following two varieties to be used as trees in miniature settings:

Aralia Miniature White

Elephant Bush, Dwarf Jade

Ground cover – 3 varieties

The purpose of ground covers is to act like grass. These varieties can be mixed up or use a single variety to add a green carpet to a miniature landscape. The ideal plants for miniature garden covers are creepers that are small-leaved and slow growing. These ground covers can be used with the above-mentioned miniature trees to create your dream container garden.

Sedum Angelina

Pilea Glauca

Pilea Glauca

However, you need to match the ground cover’s growing requirement with that of the tree you use. For example, Elephant Bush and Baby Tears form a good combination for a mini garden – as both do well in bright, indirect light with regular watering.

Accent plants – 3 varieties

Accent plants are ornamental foliage that are used to add depth and colour to a small-scale garden setting. They provide a backdrop to the changing blooms and foliage of your small-scale landscapes.

Given below are some of the easily available ‘accents’ to help you spruce up your dream miniature garden.


Pilea Norfolk

Haworthia Reinwardtii

These can be mixed with Elephant Bush or Aralia Miniature White trees and Sedum or Pilea varieties of ground covers to add character to a setting. For instance, Fittonia houseplants enhance the appearance of a setting as their variegated leaves attract attention and add beauty to any green garden.


Inspired much? If so, then go all out! Combine these gorgeous dwarf trees, shrubs, and others to create little green wonders. We use these eight attractive plant varieties in our Miniature Haven DIY workshops. All these varieties have been tried and tested by us and our participants. We’re certain you’ll build a remarkable tiny, living empire of your own with these 8 easy to find plant suggestions by Miniature Haven.


Happy Gardening!


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