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February 25, 2017
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Emergence of Creative Workshops

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“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”, quotes Brene Brown, an American scholar, author and public speaker. The world instantly connects to your spirit through your innovation and can relate better with your idea or vision. Furthermore, there are countless number of conducts that indicate the outstanding impact of creativity. But the question lies, how do you put your imagination across the table? Well, the answer is right below.

A Creative Workshop brings together a number of people that are involved with or affected by your innovative mind. The targeted audience are usually the people who have less knowledge about the subject, the working partners, experts from similar field or a combination of beneficiary people. To collect and share different experiences, as well as co-create potential solutions, Creative Workshops are an eloquent approach.

Creative Workshops are sessions of enlightenment that provide invaluable insights into other’s perspectives on a particular issue or maybe an art form. People of all backgrounds come together and share their personal experiences on the subject which leads to exposure to a wider idea of the subject.

Advantages of Creative Workshops

1. Enhances knowledge through group engagement: Studies have always revealed that human mind tends to grasp better when involved in group learning. This is why, as students, we were always up for group studies, although some of you may have other reasons too.. haha!
Coming back to the topic, these workshops or group sessions help you answer your curious questions in a fairly unique and effective way. In fact, you find as many answers as the number of minds involved in your group. You can then either pick the best answer or device a solution considering all the opinions.

2. Confidence building through meeting like minds: Get rid of those jitters of heading alone to an event. There are many who attend these workshops all alone, but later they meet people who understand, respect and are equally excited about the things they really are. This practice eventually helps in confidence building and gives you the courage to showcase your skill/art/hobby in a self-assertive manner. Hence, you may join timid and shy, but you always leave confident.

3. Adds value to your existence: Researchers have concluded that by happily indulging yourself, you definitely bear positive results on your personality. Fundamentally, crafting, like laughter, produces endorphins and endorphins mean a happier you, which will eventually yield more positivity and productivity, thereby increasing your working efficiency.
Creative workshops are hence analogous to a great mental therapy, which not only is a soothing treatment to your mind, body and soul, but is also a great learning experience with a sense of accomplishment towards the environment. Actually, it wouldn’t be wrong to think of it as a ‘green initiative’ and consider yourself as a proud volunteer.

Although the trends say that the concept of ‘tech workshops’ in India has picked up pace and is growing quite rapidly, the ‘creative workshops’ still remain a newbie. We, coming from a conservative background, fear to experiment. A skill or interest which does not make it to the mainstream is expected to be looked down upon. Therefore, the fear of falling out of place refrains people from identifying their unconventional interests and following related workshops.

At Miniature Haven, all we know is that your pins and all your “I wish I could try it” must be actually created. With us you’re provided with all the material you’d ever need to fulfil your “wish” for the love of gardening. No matter if you are in your sixteen or sixties, we give wings to your imagination. We help you bring your gardening fantasies to life by adding to it an extra tinge of cute accessories and patios. We nurture your creativity with our specially designed workshops to bring solace and a sense of ‘green achievement’ to you. Our sessions are therapeutic so why lay back? Book your slot now!

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