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March 1, 2017
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Miniature Magic with Miniature Haven

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Nature is enthralling and it has a vitalising effect on anyone who feels it deeply! And the entire concept of bringing the nature’s therapeutic essence to you, when you cannot reach out to nature, is miniature gardening. It is rightly said, “Big things come in small packages.” So is true for these gardens. Having said this, they are same as life-sized gardens, but in a shrunken size. These gardens are made of dwarf sized trees and shrubs which grow less than an inch per year, and are paired with small-leafed, slow-growing ground covers. Ah! Cute.

That’s not all! These baby plants are further perked up using in-scale accessories and patios, where they can grow and weave together for years in a container or in-ground, with minimal care. Yeah you got me right, with ‘minimal care!’

The art of small plants date back to the 12th century. The Japanese elite were the first ones to prune trees into the art of Bonsai. The trees like cypress, willow, maple and others are coaxed into artful shapes. Low-sided containers and muted colors are strictly adhered to showcase these refined specimens. This art was given a personal expression by the Chinese. They allowed wild and exposed tree roots to grow over rock in bright coloured pots. Additional complimentary figures, structures are added to these landscapes. This art came to be known as Penjing. The first known miniature garden was created in England, in the 1950’s, by Anne Ashberry, a nursery owner in Essex. Her name has faded into obscurity, but she somehow infused the love of small into the collective consciousness of gardeners.

India has a very old gardening history, as old as its civilisation, however, these mini wonders, commonly called miniature gardens have not been quite prevalent in Indian markets yet. These garden samples thus, have a wide horizon of growth. Moreover, people can look up to them as restorative leisure pursuit and can further spread the goodness.

Anne Ashberry first started by planting miniature gardens in troughs set so as to enable the handicapped and elderly people to continue their hobby, gardening, in comfort. As time passed, people started liking the ease and the idea of miniature gardening. It not only serves as your personal detox, but it also instils in you a sense of accomplishment, by doing your bit towards promoting the environment. Finally, it goes without saying, this tiny little fascination, in some corner of your home, will reflect positive vibes, thereby cleaning the aura.

We at Miniature Haven reconnect you to your long lost celebrated hobby, gardening, amidst your respective busy schedules, in the most effortless and exciting ways. We ensure the results will make you go, awww! What’s more, we also guide you with the plants and their decoration and placement. All this and a lot more, in just two hours and what you take home is sheer joy! Isn’t that a great deal!

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