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August 26, 2017
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No drainage container garden: 5 handy tips

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You see a beautiful pot for your miniature garden and you love it but then you realise that it is a no drainage container so you sadly think about giving it up and going for something less fancy but with holes. But do you really have to give it up?

I often get asked in workshops if plant arrangements will survive in no drainage containers as I like to use multi purpose, no hole, fancy bowls and planter boxes. Of course they will but with some caution. Having no drainage plant pots has its own perks, like it saves you the horror of getting your expensive, rather fancy tables spoilt with all the water damage.

Here are some key pointers that come in handy and I always keep them in mind while creating arrangements and yes the plants do last long:

no drainage container - No drainage container garden: 5 handy tips

1) Which plants to use: now before you go with your shovel and soil on a plant hunt we have already curated a list of 8 easy to find miniature gardening plants that will survive just fine in the no drainage containers. Also research enough about the plants you want to go for before taking the leap so that you are in a better position to decide whether to use them or not.

2) Use a consistent particle size potting medium: whether you are a regular soil user or you like to go for other potting mixes, just make sure that you do not create layers of varying particle size mediums as it can lead to evaporation difficulties by trapping excess water at the bottom (yes due to layering). Please bear in mind that here we are talking about miniature gardens and not terrariums!

3) How to water: the trickiest part in no drainage containers is the way you water and how much water actually goes in. To control that use a spray bottle instead of a watering can. Also don’t go overboard with watering, water only when the soil feels dry. For succulents the soil can remain slightly moist at all times.

4) How much to water: Different soil types retain different amounts of water. You’ll need to keep an eye out for the symptoms of watering problems. The best way to learn your plant’s water requirements is by observing it and taking care of it over the time. If somehow you land up watering it excess, don’t sweat your pants just tilt it to a side to drain excess water while placing your hand on top of the planter so you can prevent things from tipping off the surface.

5) Get your hands in the soil: feel the soil, feel your tiny little plants living and thriving by redoing the pot in every 3-4 months. Infuse oxygen, goodness, freshness and your love for them right in the soil and see how beautiful and happy your mini gardens look.

miniature gardening workshop - No drainage container garden: 5 handy tips

While you’re still wondering whether to give a no drainage container a go or not, you can start with attending one of our DIY Miniature Gardening Workshop to learn some handy tips. To get an insight into what a Miniature Haven workshop looks like read one of our first few blog Miniature Magic with Minaiture Haven.

See you soon, till then Happy Gardening!

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