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March 1, 2017
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August 26, 2017
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Sustainable and Creative gardening

Creativity n sustainability 1200x480 - Sustainable and Creative gardening

I am sure everyone can relate to the phrase ‘creative gardening’ here, (if not, you have missed out a lot in life already) but why do I talk of sustainability? Well, so that the creativity can last for a lifetime! Sustainable gardening techniques, famous of all being the organic gardening, is a must to adopt while planning your own garden. After all, with all the beauty it adds to your place, why must it harm the planet anyway?

While miniature gardening is nothing but your imagination crafted in the form of tiny green scenes, sustainable gardening is a concept that helps in maintaining these green scenes. Sustainable gardens are not just nature friendly; you can grow your herbs and spices, and even some backyard veggies in them. This art of gardening is not confined to the garden specifically. It extends to the tools and techniques that you use. For example, decreasing the use of powered machines and reusing, decomposing, and growing your own organic vegetables is vita.

While making your garden all sustainable, following are some ways of making them creative too:

  • Flowing garden beds
  • Planter boxes
  • The sidewalk gardens

Beside these, there are other DIY ideas that can easily be adopted. Not only do they make your garden appear magical, but you can also plant more in a comparatively lesser area. What’s more, maintaining these gardens is definitely a piece of cake.

If you have come this far reading, I guess I have inspired you enough! Or wait a minute; is costing pricking your head somewhere? Set aside all your concerns as adopting gardening techniques like backyard composting, drip irrigation etc. help you save the extra bucks, while you are still preserving the nature. Sounds like a great deal, what say?

The art of gardening with a hint of sustainability is what we, here at Miniature Haven, aim at. We walk you through the entire trick and also give you essential tips on how to preserve the nature and make the drill not fall heavy on your pocket.

So, this summer, juggle with your innovative instincts and let your love for littles be your escape!

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